L’AG Belgium en résumé et en anglais

Voici quelques points reprenant les principales informations qui ont été abordées lors de l’AG Belgium de ce mois de janvier.

1. Nele closed her year by thanking all the members, local presidents and her team for the amazing work that has been done during 2021. 2. Goran presented our JCI projects and called for motivated people to join the organization of those project ‼️📣 Contact Goran by goran.vanneste@jci.be.
3. Eugénie gave us an overview on the changes to our statutes to comply with the law. There is a specific meeting to go in legal details and answer all of your questions. You can register here.
4. VP Altug shared about his JCI Adventure which embodies passionatly the 2022 moto « Leading is our duty ».
5. Dominique presented us the International events agenda 📅.
6. EC Bruges is working very hard and is booking awesome results 🙌.  
7. Delegation to EC Bruges has been presented by Marie and team who are working for a great Belgian activity.
8. Next international events are looking for Belgian delegation teams to bring the famous Belgitude ‼️📣.
9. Dorien showed the administration tools 🔨🔧 and Catherine gave us a  Financial update 💰
10. Regarding JCI Office sales, we are reviewing the paperwork and investment options.
11. We all are part of Communication : follow, like, comment and share. Make sure to use the updated visuals and our updated JCI identity guidelines to be found here.
12. Digital Network needed more alignement in order to get delivered.
13. Hans announced the candidacy of Eugénie for JCI Belgium National President 2023 🙌.
14. We are actively looking for organization teams for NCN23 and NCN24 ‼️📣.
15. Our guests Geert, Serge and Peter shared about JCI Senate Belgium, JCI Belgium Foundation and Staines Foundation
16. Divers by Leuven, Mechelen, Aalst, Namur which some are also shared in this newsletter 📰.
17. Wooclap teams and feedback enquête to make our next GA on 23 April 2022 even better.

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