21 – 23/09/2018 – Registration for local chapter groups @ NCN 2018

Dear JCI members,
Here is complementary information about the registration procedure for the activities of the NCN 2018.
For individual registration the procedure consists in registering on the website and pay for the participation. In a second time, an e-mail with a link for registration to the activities/training/parties and caterings will be sent individually to each person.
However, if your local chapter commanded several fees on its name you will have to ask your local chapter to sent an e-mail to ncnjci2018@gmail.com with the name and e-mail address of the participants. In this way we will be able to sent to the person who already paid the link for activities registration.
Reminder for registration to NCN2018:
JCI Arlon
Bank account number: BE54 0688 9154 3797 / GKCCBEBB Communication : NCN2018 + First Name + Last Name + Local Chapter
See you soon!
Your NCN Communication Team
Email: NCNJCI2018@gmail.com
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