21 – 23/09/2018 – Deer squall activity @ NCN 2018

Dear JCI members,

There is a typical activity from the Region:

The squall of the deer

Well known in the Luxembourgish province, the deer is considered as a noble animal living in the heart of our forest. The deer is also one of the most famous symbol of Arlon as a monument had been built in the city center in 1936.

One of the most famous characteristic of the deer is its “squall”. Indeed, from the middle of September to the middle of October, the deer is in a period of courtship called the squall. During this time, the deer emit impressive and hoarse screams to attract the most female. This sounds are also named the squall of the deer.
This time of the year is the appropriate moment to observe them. Indeed, the deer are less scared as they are focused on reproduction. Moreover, it is possible hear, additionaly to the squall, the deer fighting for females and their antlers clash.

To have an idea of the activity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lKWv4euyvY

It will possible to register to this activity from June, 30th.

Link to register: www.ncn2018.be/tickets
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