21 – 23/09/2018 – Pilgrim support @ NCN 2018

Dear members,

During the NCN, you would have the opportunity to follow a very nice training about Story Telling (EN) proposed by the company:
Pilgrim Support, our new partner JCI BWB in training.

Who is Pilgrim Support and what is storytelling?

A true trademark of Pilgrim Support, and what makes them rather unique in the market, is the extensive use of «business storytelling» i.e. the use of authentic stories where teams, individuals and leaders have given the best of themselves, often in difficult circumstances.

These stories, used as guidelines throughout them single sessions or Excellence journeys, have a great impact on the participants: nothing beats the power of testimonies.
Used as powerful sources of inspiration and motivation, the “storytelling” introduces the trainer as an interface between the story (“Those people have done it well…”) and the participants (“What does it mean to you? How to translate this in my daily job?” ) rather than being perceived as a teacher explaining how to do things better.

Registration possible from June, 30th

Find more information concerning the company on www.pilgrimsupport.com

Link to register: www.ncn2018.be/tickets
Bank account number: BE54 0688 9154 3797 / GKCCBEBB Communication : NCN2018 + First Name + Last Name + Local Chapter

Your NCN Communication Team

Email: NCNJCI2018@gmail.com

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