07/10 – Atelier Debating (anglais) – JCI THOE

JCITHOE is organizing a Debating Workshop on the 7st of October, preparing the members of the Belgian Delegation for the Debating Competition, which will take place during the World Congress in Amsterdam.

It is a full day workshop – in the morning we’ll learn the theory and examples – and in the afternoon a simulation of a competition, leaded by the trainers Serge Goussaert and Sylvie Micholt.

Participation is open to a maximum of 24 participants (8 groups of 3). For the competition in the afternoon, it is necessary to be in groups of 3 people

If you register alone, we’ll be pleased to organize a group in your language for you.

We would like to conclude the evening with a dinner at Brasserie Merode around 6.30 PM.

Participation fee is 25 euro including coffee and lunch. It is necessary to book your place in advance. Please find hereunder the link of the facebook event. You can find there all the information, plus the link for the registration page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the discussion space of the facebook event.

To register, register on Eventbrite and write an email to sara.minarini@jcithoe.com + president@jcithoe.com (in copy)


We wait for you for a great training day on debating together, and to organise the best Belgian Delegation that will represent us during the next debating competition!


Debating Training and Contest


Debating Training and Contest

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